We are a Hungary based company working on the field of precision agriculture. We provide a wide range of services of analysis and solutions for our customers with more than 3 years experience already. With our product portfolio we cover the need for both conventional and multispectral drones.


We spent most of the 2019-2020 season flying, researching and analyzing. Countless hectares were examined, we were lucky enough to work with the help of Hungarian experts from a huge amount of orderly data. In collaboration with many farmers and company giants, we have collected an invaluable amount of information in an authentic, controlled format. Our team is complemented by a perfect professional staff who are young, dedicated and have their vocation in their heads every day.

However, learning cannot stop for a moment, professional development is the engine that drives us. We believe that a new industry with innovative solutions can only be set in motion with the collaboration of past and present professionals. Decades and centuries of experience also have a place in the technology of the future. AGRON experts keep this in mind when a technology sets foot in a new arena and begins to deliver real value. The agricultural application of drones is well-sounding, innovative, and high-tech, in which industry participants overwhelmingly agree. In our view, however, the real potential is not yet visible to everyone, as technology is currently capable of more than the amount of information we are able to utilize from it.


At AGRON, we are working to continuously increase the usable information from the amount of data provided by monitoring drones. The first step in this is that on October 25, 2019, we launched our first Hungarian, self-developed monitoring drone services. 

In order to keep these tests up-to-date and more accurate, we are constantly developing, testing and verifying them. We think that it is advantageous if a service used in Hungary has been developed, tested and authenticated in Hungary. Test methods can be used from conventional cameras to the most sensitive multispectral cameras, thus, only the purchased device limits the test that can be performed. We are working to make sense of the agricultural use of drones.

Through the explosive technological development of drones and distance spectroscopy, the physical and physiological condition of specific plants can be observed in their natural habitat or even in agricultural areas. Early detection of plant stress in the areas involved in production is therefore essential for the development of rapid and accurate plant protection strategies. 

Cameras equipped with special multispectral sensors can be used to measure the relative chlorophyll content, nitrogen supply of plants or even to identify foci of infection. However, it is important to note that studies that go beyond the measurement of chlorophyll content are limited to climatic and geographical regions (such as nutrient supply or pathogen identification).


At AGRON, we believe that the operating model of a drone service should help the customer from the beginning to the actual field work. As a first step, our monitoring drone training will help you master the proper control of drones and data collection. Data processing and analysis then follows, which are validated / supported by scientific evaluation of the results of experimentally set up plant models. Our experts, trained in combining the digital data available with drones and agricultural practice, are at the disposal of our customers, thus providing the opportunity to develop a wide variety of plant protection strategies. 

The AGRON Research Program focuses on collecting data from as many geographic regions as possible to develop accurate plant models. After all, the research results in Hungary are of paramount importance for the construction of a drone service in Hungary. The plant models developed during the research help to define management and protection strategies.

The aim of the program is to make sense of the use of monitoring drones through the practical implementation of the obtained results. For example, the online platform developed by AGRON, AGRON Maps, is used to manage the large amount of data collected and to communicate the results of expert processing. Our experiments took place in Martonvásár with the participation of the Agricultural Institute of the Agricultural Research Center. 

Our experiments in 2019 in numbers: 

  • 32 set experiments – 3519 experimental plots – 5010 field sampling
  • 42 types of winter wheat – 36 types of durum wheat – 36 types of triticale – 36 types of winter barley – 9 types of hybrid maize

In 2020, with the help of many of our partners (growers, vineyards, orchards), we also launched our plant experiments, with the help of which we can further refine our tests prepared for agricultural use. We will also continue our small-plot experiments, as the basic research results form the basis of a well-functioning research solution. Accordingly, we are constantly developing our equipment so that we can always carry out our research and development activities with the latest technology.

At AGRON, we pay close attention to drones, cameras, and sensors in order to make our self-developed processing and testing system available with as many reliable drones / sensors as possible. We regularly conduct surveys and professional comparisons in order to select devices from the market that provide reliable and accurate results at an affordable price in conjunction with AGRON Maps. Our professional articles can be found at

AGRONmaps is an online data processing and analysis software


The first online software in Hungarian for easy processing and analysis of data collected by agricultural monitoring drones. No high-performance resource or serious IT knowledge is required, the system performs the largest and most difficult part of the process.


  • Compatible with most drones on the market
  • Can be used with all flight control applications
  • All you need is a computer for office tasks and broadband internet to use it
  • It works completely online, it’s easy to use: you upload your photos and wait for the result
  • The results of the tests are checked by specialists on the basis of the data provided
  • It can also be used on mobile devices, the results can be viewed
  • Completely Hungarian and optional English language interface
  • Payment per hectare
  • Downloadable test results (KMZ, JPG, PDF)